Dr. Victoria M. Grady

Dr. Grady completed her Doctoral Studies at the George Washington University in May 2005. Her dissertation focused on the inherent loss of stability suffered by organizations introducing and implementing organizational change initiatives. The research resulted in a validated model explaining the tendency of individuals, often subconsciously, to struggle, resist, and potentially disrupt the organizational change initiative.

Dr. Grady continues to build upon her research in the field of change management and extended her original model to include a validated index (Change Diagnostic Index©) that quantitatively measures the tendency of individuals within the organization to embrace (or not) organizational change initiatives. The Change Diagnostic Index© focuses on the employee, and how factors inherent in change affect their performance. Through her consulting practice, the applied nature of the research continues to evolve.

She is currently an Assistant Professorial Lecturer in the Department of Organizational Science within the Columbian School of Arts and Sciences at the George Washington University. Dr. Grady’s consulting practice includes federal government institutions, non-profit organizations, and private sector companies.

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