Thoughts on Trust

Trust imagesCAJ4ZIX3This blog was first posted on this website 2 years ago. It is reposted here because of recent interest in the topic.

Thoughts on Trust*
…Modern society depends on organizations for economic existence, much as the infant depends on the mother or primitive society depended on their groups for survival, and yet our organizations are major contributors to personal and social conflict and mistrust.

At least a part of our propensity to be mistrustful is due to injuries received in our personal development, by persistent organizational systems and structures, and by long established societal trends. [The causes of these injuries] may not soon go away. In the meantime, to build a healthy society and healthy organizations, and healthy and productive lives, each of us must find a way to live as best we can with the injuries we have suffered.

By first becoming more consciously aware of these wounds, we can then begin to take responsibility to improve those things over which we have some measure of control. Further, we must realize that because of the resistance from issues both conscious and unconscious, the time it will take to bring about the changes we seek may not be as evident to us as it will be to those that succeed us.

Ultimately, if we are to survive as a people, each of us must become more conscious in our efforts to live within different organizations that cross many national boundaries on a crowded and increasingly smaller earth. To do so, we must develop the capacity to learn and relate to the “value” inherent in a genuine exchange of trust and recognize the acceptance inherent in reparation and in being trustworthy.

*These thoughts were excerpted from: Grady, James and Grady, Victoria. (2011). “Organizational Mistrust: Exploring the issues, Pondering Its Fate….” Journal of Organisational and Social Dynamics, Volume 11 no 1, pp 55-56.