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Gain effectiveness with the help of analytical “Human Data” and transform resistance to change into positive commitment.
As an agent of change, one of the greatest challenges you will face is people’s innate resistance to change.

Not understanding where this resistance is coming from, how intense it is, or how to mitigate it, will further increase the challenge.

Although organizational change is constant, numerous studies have shown that the change failure rate has continued to hover near 70% for over 20 years.

It’s a problem that cannot clearly be defined, so how do you determine the solution?

There is a powerful tool available that can help you measure organizational resistance to change before, during and after a change initiative.

It provides analytical “human data”, which you need in order to develop successful change management solutions . . . that last.

The Change Diagnostic Index© supports your current change management practices, it is effective, and it delivers results.

You will be able to:

  • Assess individual and organizational resistance to change, change readiness, and areas of potential difficulty.
  • Identify the emerging change related behaviors.
  • Measure the intensity of the behaviors.
  • Track the resistance over time.
  • Mitigate the resistance by employing specific strategies.
  • Store the “human data” collected in a database.
  • Predict and anticipate strategy for future change initiatives based on historical data.

Collectively, these key benefits will help you optimize current and future change management.

See What Some of Our Certified Consultants Are Saying About the Change Diagnostic Index©

HR initiatives are often viewed as ‘touchy-feely’ and hard to quantify; however, the Change Diagnostic Index© not only puts a number on an initiative, but also identifies priorities for communication.

Kristen LillyConsulting Manager / PYA

The Change Diagnostic Index©  is the most comprehensive organizational diagnostic I’ve encountered in over 30 years of experience. I highly recommend it to anyone in the ‘throws’ of organizational change and transition.

Myron R. RadioPresident / The R Group
PivotPoint Business Solutions offers you a Change Diagnostic Index© Certification, consisting of a 1.5-day seminar on how to integrate the Change Diagnostic Index©, interpret your data, and measure its impact.

The seminar is designed to define the value of the Change Diagnostic Index© when added to your organization’s current change processes.

The objectives of the seminar are to:

  • Provide valuable insights into individuals’ responses to change and the overall impact of change on organizations.
  • Examine the critical nature of this “missing link” in current change methodologies.
  • Design client specific applications of the Change Diagnostic Index© for maximum benefit through:
    • The timing of its deployment,
    • The manner of its administration,
    • The accurate assessment of the results,
    • The integration of the Change Index with existing change methodology.

Key Benefits of Certification include:

  • Assist your organization or clients to achieve the results they want from change management efforts, and to quantify their return on investment.
  • Distinguish yourself as a leader in the area of change management.
  • Learn and teach the science behind the Change Diagnostic Index. Expand as a thought leader.
  • Help your organization or client to actualize their core values by leading change that is integrity based.
  • Serve the interests of your organization or client by leading change management efforts that succeed.
  • Lead change initiatives that create organizational harmony as opposed to organizational dysfunction.
  • Discount Change Diagnostic Index© pricing for Certified Consultants.


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