Dr. Victoria Grady to Present White Paper at CASE District II Annual Conference

Next week Dr. Victoria Grady will present a White Paper along with Charles Rasberry of Sarah Lawrence College at the CASE District II conference in Washington, D.C. The paper is entitled: Leading Institutional Change: Attachment Behavior and the Influence of Culture on Reactions Inherent in Change.

resistance to changeMost of us at some point lead our institutions or offices through some kind of change; it could be new software, new policies, new leadership, restructuring, or cultural change. Regardless of what it is, we know that change can be hard and difficult.

This white paper explains why it is not “employee resistance to change” that makes institutional change is so difficult. This presentation we will explore options that can predict, identify, measure, and track the instability that is occurring in implementing organizational change. It will also present techniques are used to alter, overcome, or prevent those disrupted forces that make change difficult.