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Book: The Pivot Point: Success In Organizational Change

“We believe that ‘resistance to change’ isn’t about resistance at all… The difficulty with change can be summed up in one word… attachment.” ~ Dr. Victoria M. Grady and Dr. James D. Grady

The source of the problem is not so much the new, but the threat of the loss of the old.

Resistance to change is often grudgingly accepted as an unavoidable challenge for organizations striving to remain competitive in the global marketplace. However, NOT ONE of the existing change methodologies has recognized, integrated, or even mentioned the true origin of the term Resistance. How can your organization avoid the 70% organizational change failure rate that has plagued change initiatives for more than 15 years? Is there an organizational change tool that will predictably and measurably improve the overall success rate?

Drs. Victoria (Jr.) and James (Sr.) Grady have uncovered the answers! The Pivot Point presents the verdict in two easy to read sections:

The Pivot Point provides an explanation, not an excuse, for an organizational change failure rate which has continued to hover near 70% for 15 + year.

The Pivot Point highlights the steps to measure, track, and proactively intervene to maximize change success.

The Pivot Point introduces information that will enhance, not replace, existing methodologies currently implemented by change agents and consultants.

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What Others Are Saying about The Pivot Point

Today few industries understand the necessity for and fear of change more than those in banking. The Pivot Point has given me new insight on how to succeed and thrive through change. Thank you Drs. Grady for sharing this valuable information.

Tammy McCurryVice President Residential Construction Manager and Mortgage Originator / National Bank of Commerce

The Pivot Point is a quick read well-grounded in rigorous research. It is practical information for successfully navigating resistance to organizational change. The unique style enables the reader see themselves in the characters applying their own real-world experience. This book introduces a profound new perspective on WHY people struggle with change

Dr. Beverly MagdaAssociate Dean, Technology Management / Georgetown University

The Pivot Point is another key to unlocking successful change. Through engaging storytelling and a review of the science behind the story, the Drs. Grady shed light on our innate reactions as human beings when our stability is shaken by change. A must-read for practitioners who know that individual change is essential for successful organizational change.

Tim CreaseyChief Development Officer / Prosci

Weaving a story around real world situations the authors skillfully reveal regularly misapplied aspects of many current change management processes. The Pivot Point draws the reader to the logical conclusion that the key to successful change initiatives is managing employees’ reaction to change… As I read, it became evident how easily I could apply these naturally occurring principles to more effectively meet the challenges of organizational change.

Stephen F. RuchSenior Vice President Group Head, Franchise Development - Growth, Innovation and Planning / MasterCard

Drs. Grady have written the playbook for understanding how change truly impacts an organization – and why employees react the way they do. Their take is not only smart and timely, it’s essential for understanding and navigating the upheaval of business life

Jim VandeHei Executive Editor and Co-Founder / POLITICO

For me, the power of the book is how Victoria Grady and James Grady combine their theory and research with practical advice for understanding the underlying, human behavior that can be addressed successfully to achieve real change…

Wayne Hurlbert Blog Business World

What does the pain of organizational change have to do with a bunch of conference goers, a little girl and a missing rag doll, and a raging hurricane? Plenty, it seems, according to the authors of The Pivot Point…

Daniel Goh Founder and Chief Editor / Young Upstarts
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