Optimizing Organizational Performance

Core Purpose and Values

At PivotPoint Business Solutions, we believe that people are the driving force of a business, and that comprehending their needs and motives can make all the difference in organizational performance.

Our purpose is to enable you to make better decisions by providing you with research based analytic tools that help you understand the unique nature of the individuals that collectively make up your organization.

Through our extensive professional experience and academic research, we have developed and continue to refine diagnostic solutions that provide insight into the human dynamics that lie beneath the surface of organizations. We call the insight provided by these solutions analytical “human data.”

The Change Diagnostic Index©, our most effective analytic tool to-date aids in the design of customized and strategic change initiatives. The Change Diagnostic Index© works by collecting individual employee data that is then used to identify, measure, and track behaviors associated with organizational resistance to change. This data is used to prepare a strategy to mitigate the effects of those behaviors and increases the success rate of organizational change initiatives.

Our Core Values are the foundation on which our organization, products and services are built.


Be congruent in your words and in your actions.


Work relentlessly to discover and create solutions for others.


To achieve anything you must first believe it is possible.


Create value for others beyond your immediate areas of work.

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