Optimizing Organizational Performance
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Do you really know what lies beneath the surface of your organization?

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It’s human dynamics . . . and they can either optimize, or deteriorate,
your organization’s performance.

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Until recently, adequately identifying and measuring organizational
human dynamics has been a challenge.

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With our research-based diagnostic tools, you now have a way to better
understand what lies beneath the surface of your organization.

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The analytical “Human Data” we provide will help you make better decisions
and therefore optimize your organization’s performance.

Solutions for Organizations and Consultants

Change Diagnostic Index

The Change Diagnostic Index© helps you get the results you want to see from organizational change management efforts.

It does this by equipping you with the analytical “human data” needed to asses, track, and mitigate individual and organizational resistance to change.

The Change Diagnostic Index© can be administered by one of our Certified Consultants or your internal change leader.

The analytical “Human Data” collected is aggregated and presented in reports customized to your unique requirements.

Case Studies: See How the Change Diagnostic Index© Benefits Different Types of Organizations

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